Central War Gaming - Introduction to Night Fighting

Introduction to Night Fighting

16 February 2019
Kansas City, Missouri area


The Enemy Doesn't Stop At Night

We heard good things about the Night Team Operations class, but for one thing: we didn't get deep enough into the gunfighting. This class will fill that gap, and continue to build on the skills we will be offering around making sure you can operate effectively when the lights are out or the sun is down.

Humans are visual, and have traditionally done all work during the day. But night has tactical advantages, so much mayhem and combat happens at night.

As many a 85% of police shootings in the US happen in low light. Aside from night-time, indoors with the lights out—or cave systems in Afghansistan—are very dark. Are you prepared with the equipment and skills you need to fight at night, and in dark.

Electronics are letting the enemy have night vision, and even thermal, so thhe methods we have used for the past 20 years are becoming less useful, and need to be revisited.

This is an introductory class intended to provide an overview, and basic hands on familiarization with a wide variety of techniques, to include tritium, white light, night vision, lasers, and thermal, and specifically touches on passive aiming methods.

You Must Bring

Not all equipment is needed for each phase, and some is expressly prohibited from certain areas and times. Watch for email notifications of class schedule details, and follow all safety rules:

If you have any problems sourcing any of this equipment, or have questions, just ask us.

You Are Encouraged to Bring

You May Not Bring

CWG Will Provide


CWG will provide lunch on Saturday, but snacks and additional drinks are up to you. Bring a water bottle or other materials as you see fit.

Please keep food to yourself, and only use lidded containers to drink out of to avoid spilling on your, or others' work areas during the classroom times.

A break will be provided between the end of classroom and the STX portion. students will also get their own dinner during this travel time.


Shawnee is a suburb of Kansas City, and the training site is within a few minutes of an Interstate. If not from the metro area, there are numerous hotels nearby.

Due to the relatively small expected class size, we do not have special arrangements with any hotels in the area.

Course Plan and Schedule
16 February 2019

Registration Will Open Soon!

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