Central War Gaming - Map Making

Map Making Training

19 - 20 January 2019
Shawnee, Kansas


Help People Navigate Your Field Better

The maps we make for events, going back years, have attracted much praise, attention, and jealousy. Now, you can learn how to make clear, customized, military-style, land-nav friendly maps of any area you wish.

In fact, this is all hands on, so you will make a map of your actual area of operations. So, be sure to read all the requirements and make proper plans to bring the data, and equipment required.

You Must Bring

If you do not meet all these requirements you can still attend, but will not get as much out of the class:

There are no uniform requirements. This is entirely a classroom exercise, so otherwise plan accordingly to bring your equipment and be comfortable the entire time.

CWG Will Provide


CWG will provide lunch on Saturday, but snacks and additional drinks are up to you. Bring a water bottle or other materials as you see fit.

Please keep food to yourself, and only use lidded containers to drink out of to avoid spilling on your, or others' computers.

While there are no formal plans for a group dinner on Saturday night, it is likely some of us will have spare time, so plan for and ask about that before class breaks up.


Shawnee is a suburb of Kansas City, and the training site is within a few minutes of an Interstate. If not from the metro area, there are numerous hotels nearby.

Due to the relatively small expected class size, we do not have special arrangements with any hotels in the area.

Course Plan and Schedule

Registration Will Open Soon!

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