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We hope you find that CWG events bring you a unique experience you cannot get with any other milsim, re-enacting or airsoft/paintball game event.

MilSim and War Gaming

"Milsim" means a lot of different things, from simply dressing in camouflage to multi-day events with strict equipment and tactical requirements that verge on re-enacting.

Here at Central War Gaming we like milsim. But not necessarily what it has come to stand for in the airsoft and paintball world. Many of us are from the military, or have enough history in simulation, force-on-force training and gaming that we wanted to bring a more realistic – and more tactically relevant – event to the airsoft community.

CWG war gaming events are designed to fit in an underserved space between historical alternative history or re-enactments, and more typical paintball and airsoft games. We want you to solve tactical problems so you can survive to fight the entire weekend.

We were all involved – often very deeply – in bringing Operation East Wind to you for eight years and wanted to keep something like that alive. It was great in that it simulated a field exercise from end to end, not just getting everyone out shooting lots of BBs. We're working to bring you a similar level of immersion in a shorter format, with slightly fewer requirements and less camp infrastructure.


A lot of people discuss tactics and strategy, but few have gotten a grasp on the link between the two, operations. The operational level concerns itself with logistics, transport, administration, accountability, communications, orders, and planning.

Operations always happen, but assuming they will be there, or someone else takes care of them is the downfall of many military campaigns, and many milsim games as well.

CWG events focus on operational level items, so they are efficient, effective and help you get to the tactics you need to carry out your missions. As you peruse the roles, equipment and rules think about this and consider how much our realistic communications, resupply, medic and other rules will make you have to think about resources, time and transport, as well as tactics.

Our Principles

We believe in a few guiding principles about what makes a good event. We hope you share and support us in this.

This list isn't final, or perfect, so may change over time.

Who is Central War Gaming?

We've all been doing things like this for a long time, and have experience running games, and training you to be better in the field.

Brett Conklin

Brett Conklin standing guard over a Christmas village at an SFOR base in Bosnia.

Brett served in the US Army in the later half the of 1990's, deploying to Bosnia in 1997-98. During his time in the Army, Brett also filled the role for OPFOR at his Company level, and did rotations at both JRTC and NTC. He has been airsofting since 2002, and has been planning and running events most of that time. He ran, and sometimes commanded, the WARPAC/East Bloc side for the entire eight years of Operation: East Wind. Brett also has a large supply of most East Bloc equipment; if you've seen a Russian or East German "jeep," truck or APC at a midwestern airsoft event, they are probably one of his and he was probably driving one of them.


Steven Staggenborg

Steven Staggenborg directing a crane while leading recovery of a destroyed US vehicle outside a base in Afghanistan.

Steven is a WO1 flying Chinooks for the US Army Reserve. He was formerly a US Army Combat Engineer NCO, specializing in mines and IEDs. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2012-13, performing route clearance missions – much of it dismounted, and at night. He is a staff member and Instructor with One Shepherd as the S6 (communications officer), and has been playing airsoft since 2004. Steven played both sides of the fence at East Wind, serving in variable roles as needed, from NATO's 1SGT, to the EastBloc Commander. He was a prime participant in building or repairing Eastwind's equipment, tents, radios, trucks, and night vision.


Steven Hoober

Steven Hoober in red hat demonstrating to a class how to use the AR-15 carbine.

The other Steven is a human factors engineer and usability expert who is also a certified firearms instructor, and has been shooting, training, climbing mountains, and playing airsoft since the 1980s. He was the exercise administrator at the last several East Wind events, and has been an instructor and OPFOR leader for One Shepherd. He also makes maps such as those used at every East Wind event, has published videos on land navigation that have been viewed over a million times, and developed the original secret squirrel patch.


Henry Curffman


Henry is an Aprrenctice pipefitter. He has attended East Wind on both the NATO and East Boc sides, working in varous leadership roles. He has been heavily involved in maintenance of East Wind vehicles and other equipment. Henry has been playing airsoft since 2009.


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