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CWG wants to help you with equipment needs, and to get your uniform and equipment in shape with patches and stickers. Expect more equipment and consumables to be added over time.

Patches and Stickers

National insignia and unit patches suitable to be worn on your uniform at CWG events. Remember, no other insignia can be worn. Also, stickers to show your national pride on un-covered helmets, and other personal equipment.

Uniforms and Logo Wear

Correct uniforms, wicking base layers with your unit insignia and CWG logo wear.

Individual Field Gear

Load bearing gear, tactical vests, pack covers, and whatever else we find..

Weapons and Munitions

Having trouble finding weapons suitable for the event? Hints and links, mostly about Ardean 7.62 rifles, here.

Rental Equipment

Don't have the weapons, night vision or other equipment you need or want to attend a CWG event? Sometimes we make arrangements for you to rent it. Availability varies by event.

Register for Events

Visit the event calendar and pick the one you are interested in to register and pay for upcoming events.

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