Purchase Individual Field Gear

Purchase Individual Field Gear


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Not all items are immediately available. You can buy CWG logo shirts now, but the unit shirts are a group buy which will be ordered in January. If you want one, be sure to order early.

Universal Equipment

CWG 5,000 m Indestructible Rubber Pace Beads

Unlike the cheap, brittle, loud craft store beads you normally get, CWG Indestructible Rubber Pace Beads use a synthetic rubber that make minimal noise on your gear, will not break under impact, and will not get stiff and brittle in the cold. The beads are slightly larger, tapered, with extra length and specially knotted to keep it hanging straight. This all makes it easier to count and grab them.

Each set is configured to count up to 5 kilometers without resetting. If nylon cord is not indestructible enough for you, we also offer kevlar cord with 3 times the tensile strength, and 800° heat resistance! (Note, the beads

You can change quantities in the PayPal shopping cart. Every set is made by hand, as you order it, in Kansas. Other sizes such as 10 km sets can be made on request. For large quantities, please contact us for discounted bulk pricing, and estimated shipping time. Overseas shipping will be more cost, please contact us before ordering.


Austrian 1qt Canteen Cover

No Austrian canteens available, but also fits the U.S. 1 qt. canteen. Solid green nylon with 2 plastic clips to hook onto any wide web belt. 8 in stock.


Canadian C1 Ammo Pouches

Fits two C1, L1, FN-FAL or similar 7.62 magazines. Also works well with two airsoft M4/M16 magazines (real 30 round M4 magazines are too tall). Solid OD green, silent opening. Part of the 1982 Pattern web gear, but can be made to fit on any 2" belt. 6 in stock


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Want to purchase entry to an event? Visit the events page, select your event and make sure you understand the fee schedule, times, rules and equipment needs first.

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