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Central War Gaming force-on-force events are designed to support and promote team-based tactical activities. As part of this, you will sign up for one of two fictional units, each of which have their own equipment and uniform requirements.

(Note that there are no units or uniform requirements for training events).

Much like the Krasnovian OPFOR used by the US military during much of the Cold War, our two sides are not re-enactments, or speculative history between any two real armies, but are from entirely fictional countries in an ill-defined region of the world.

And instead of one, both sides are from these two adjacent fictional lands. Neither is the good guy, so you can pick whichever side strikes your fancy, or for which you already have the uniform and equipment. We do this because:

Rank and Role

We also assign roles instead of using ranks. We assign roles and issue insignia to a cadre of leaders for each event. We use these instead of ranks to:

Ardea Team Leader Section Leader Platoon Leader Platoon Commander Deputy Commander (Troop) Troop Commander Deputy Commander (Squadron) Squadron Commander
Kitoy Team Leader Squad Leader Troop Leader Platoon Commander Deputy Commander (Company) Company Commander Deputy Commander (Battalion) Battalion Commander

It should be relatively clear what the actual jobs are for each role; they follow those of the rank typically assigned to command such a unit in real world armies. Broadly speaking, Leaders have the jobs of non-commissioned officers, Commanders hold the roles of commissioned officers.


For unit cohesion and uniformity – critical to identifying the enemy in the field – there are different uniform requirements. To aid in the realism of fighting an enemy force, there are distinct organizational and cultural differences between the two units as well.

Most required equipment is identical, but there are distinct differences in uniform, headgear, weapons systems (for Airsoft events), and some related equipment such as LBE.

Read the complete equipment list and note the highlighted differences between the two sides.

Republic of Kitoy

Ardean Republic

Ardean Republic

Ardean soldiers carry 7.62 NATO battle rifles (FAL, G3, M14, SCAR) and wear US Woodland, UK DPM (or similar) uniforms, with patrol caps.

Ardea is still structured along the Commonwealth pattern and a Dragoon (Dismounted Light Cavalry) unit specifically. This more traditional force structure and methodology permeates their culture. Officers are less lilely to fraternize with the enlisted troopers and their tactics are more likely to use a fix and destroy with overwhelming force approach. Learn more about Ardea

Republic of Kitoy

Kitoy soldiers carry AR-15 rifles (M4, M16 and so on), and wear solid OD green or Crye MultiCam (or similar) uniforms, with boonie hats.

Kitoy forces have in the last few decades reorganized and modernized, breaking from their traditional structure to a more western army structure. Their tactics now rely slightly more on individual and small unit initiative and less on massing for deliberate attacks. Learn more about Kitoy

Grupo de Liberare (GDL)

The GDL is an insurgent force from a neighboring country that tries to use the distant hinterlands of Kitoy and Ardea as safe areas.

They operate and are equipped like an insurgent, non-state force, with much more latitude in weapons, uniform, and tactics. There are also some minor rules changes for them. As yet, the GDL equipment and rules changes are not integrated into the other documents, so learn more about the GDL

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