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Be sure to read all about the background, equipment requirements, and event rules before signing up.

Introduction to Night Fighting Tools & Techniques

Fall 2018

Classroom, range and force-on-force field training in white light, night vision, and more

Map Making Workshop

October 2018

Classroom training, computer required
Kansas City, Missouri area

Swift Fox 18

27 - 29 April 2018

Force-on-Force FTX, Airsoft
D-Day Adventure Park, Oklahoma

Night Team Operations

10 - 11 March 2018

Classroom and field training on team tactical movement, accountability, navigation, observation posts and patrol bases, and night fighting
Farmington, Missouri

Day/Night Land Nav Training

14 & 15 October 2017

Classroom and field training on compass, map, pacecount, and movement, with bonus sections on GPS and night movement
DeKalb, Missouri

Least Weasel 16

7 - 9 October 2016

Force-on-Force FTX, Airsoft
CMTC, Osage Beach, Missouri

Swift Fox 16

1-3 April 2016

Force-on-Force FTX, Airsoft
D-Day Adventure Park, Oklahoma

Prior Attendee Benefits

We have two loyalty programs to reward those who have attended previous CWG events.

First, we give first dibs on all event sign up to previous attendees. Events are announced first, with a special early bird rate, a few weeks before they are announced publicly. Events in high demand and with few spots available may have no public sign up period at all.

For open enrollment FoF events, we offer a referral discount. For each person you refer, you get $5 off the price of the next CWG event you sign up for. No limits, so if you can get 20 of your closest friends to sign up, you could get $100 off the next event fee!

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