Central War Gaming - Spring '23 Fieldcraft Weekend

Spring '23 Fieldcraft Weekend

CWG in partnership with LFSG   

18 - 19 March 2023
Fieldcraft STX
Ava, Missouri


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Train like you fight

You've taken classes, practiced, and know how to shoot, move, and communicate, but how much chance do you have to put it all together, and try it out in a team setting?

Keep your skills sharp – or specifically prepare for force-on-force, re-enactment, team training, or other field events – by attending our short fieldcraft weekend.

Training objectives include:

Events are planned for both Saturday and Sunday, but the field exercise portion runs from late morning Saturday to about dawn on Sunday. Plan to spend the night outdoors, regardless of weather, and work as a team. Bring all the field equipment you need to perform these tasks.

As always, if you wish to bring something not discussed, or have other questions, ask on the CWG Facebook page, or just contact us to work out details.

Event Logistics

Payment, Terms

Sounds Fun But Too Hard?

If you wish to attend but have an injury, health problem, or otherwise have specific concerns about your ability to perform the field mission, ask us anyway as the parking area is a decent sized piece of undeveloped property. With sufficient turnout (or very bad weather) we can arrange for a lower-intensity training activity right there.

We will also have a "white-cell" there, working out of a shelter/tent on entirely flat ground, very short distances from the parking lot, with (limited) heating and cooling, as well as electrical power. This will function as an administrative coordination center, with communications that will be a key part of the event so needs staffing; we'll take extra people to cover the extra shifts or perform small tasks around the campsite.

What to Bring

This is not a force on force event, so there will be no uniform requirements, or rules for engagement and play. However, it is a field exercise, so you will be expected to bring proper clothing, footwear, sleep system, food and water, and other items to be comfortable during the entire event without outside assistance or burdening your team.

While winter doesn't reliably hit until January in this region, torrential rains, ice storms, deep snow and cold are all entirely plausible. Also note that local conditions can vary a great deal from the regional forecast. For example, temperature changes of 20° F from the forecast. With steep hills and water courses, plan for cold conditions, bring heat sources, fire making, shelters, and cold and wet weather clothing regardless of what you expect from watching the local news.

For a guide as to the type of equipment to bring, you may wish to review the equipment requirements for CWG force-on-force events.

You should bring a weapon system to carry, as movement and actions are very different with a rifle in hand. This may be a rubber or other dummy, an airsoft or paintball weapon, or live weapons, but absolutely no ammunition will be allowed for any unsecured longarms, and all weapons must have an externally visible, not easily removable method to prevent them firing projectiles. This includes BFAs for firearms, muzzle caps for airsoft guns, chamber/magazine flags wire tied into place, or similar.

Handguns, with ammunition, are permitted, but only with a holster designed for that handgun. Do not remove the handgun from the holster for any reason (short of defense of self or others) under penalty of ejection from the event, at any time. No pistol caliber carbines of any sort will be permitted, to avoid the possibility of handgun magazines/ammunition making their way into long-arms.

You will be expected to feed yourself, but may coordinate with others to make team meals. Remember to bring spare nutritious snacks as there is a lot of movement through difficult terrain. Additionally, there may be a night movement, so you may need a fourth "meal" for the extended time awake. Toughing it out or candy won't do.

What We Will Provide

Training staff will direct, observe, and mostly instruct as needed when you ask for assistance or we observe a deficiency or way to improve; you won't have to sit through long lectures for many things you already know, but should only have to hear new ideas.

Vehicle transport to and from the training site, also available for evacuation and assistance in the event of injury of dangerous weather.

Backup gear, and the ability to move it usefully. We can bring spare shelters, heat, water, etc. You can also pack a ready bag, and if conditions change or you encounter difficulties, we can bring that to the patrol base to reinforce safety and comfort.

Radios, a comms plan, and 24-hour monitoring by admin staff for assistance, coordination and emergencies. Do tell if you want to bring your own radios or related equipment, so we can be sure it matches the planned frequencies and discuss team contingencies.

A small number of night vision devices will be available to those who wish to try one, on a pretty first-come, random-assignment manner. If you super-duper want one, contact us to reserve it, for a small fee. There are fewer helmets and other pieces of headgear then NODs so also ask about that if needed, and bring your own if you have a suitable one.

CWG will provide water, a small climate-controlled shelter for use in the event of especially inclement weather or for those ill-prepared for the conditions, vehicle transport on field, and emergency transport and supplies in the event of injury during the event. In addition we will enforce accountability and safety such as inspection abd securing of your equipment and weapon systems.

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