Central War Gaming - Operation Swift Fox 22

Operation Swift Fox 22

22 - 24 April 2022
Force-on-Force FTX, Airsoft
D-Day Adventure Park Oklahoma


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Low intensity warfare, high stakes

Operation Swift Fox 22 is the recurring autumn offensive between Ardea and the Republic of Kitoy over the decades-long fight for control of the Central Grafsten Highlands. You will be deployed as part of a unit of light infantry to find, fix and destroy (or displace) enemy forces in your area of operations.

This event will run continuously for 51 hours. We do not stop for night or poor weather. Make sure you are prepared for that.

Decide if you are Ardean or Kitoi Army, GDL insurgents or Kitoy Police, read the equipment lists and rules, and make your plans.

Note the changes and new features for this event:

As always, if you wish to bring your vehicles, or other equipment not discussed, just contact us to work out details.

Event Logistics

Payment, Terms

What to Bring

Read the rules and make sure you can meet the equipment requirements and expectations set forth above for the side you pick before you sign up.

The GDL has some equipment and rules changes which you should read. These are variations only, so see the general equipment requirements list is a good guide you should read through.

National Police will be given a set off variations on uniform, weapon, identification and other equipment, but again can be expected to have almost all of the basic equipment requirements as well.

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