Central War Gaming - Land Navigation Training

Day/Night Land Navigation Training

March 2019
Farmington, Missouri


Sharpen Your Skills

This course is suitable for anyone who moves about where there are not roads. If you are not totally comfortable with a map and compass, or it's been a long time, this is your opportunity to learn more.

This is not a course for the general outdoorsman, but is specifically geared towards teams operating with specific objectives such as military, police, and search & rescue. Communications, planning, teamwork during movement, safe movement at night, and light discipline are all parts of this course. Bring your whole team and learn together!

You Must Bring

Very little equipment is needed, but you will need to bring some specific things:

If you have any problems sourcing any of this equipment, or have questions, just ask us.

NOTE ON COMPASSES: If you are not sure you have a quality compass, contact us to confirm, and discuss what a more suitable one is for your needs.

You are also encouraged to bring a larger notepad to take class notes with, any other land navigation tools you use, a GPS or GNSS-enabled device (including a phone or tablet with a suitable app), night vision, or any other items you use when hiking in the woods or performing your work in such environments.

CWG will provide printed maps, printed classroom materials and handouts, and radios for portions of the field exercise.

You are encouraged to bring all devices such as night vision you have available. Night vision may be available for rent if there is sufficient interest.


To keep costs down, and training time up, CWG will provide no food for this event. Bring snacks and an evening meal as you require, as well as breakfast if you stay overnight


We strongly suggest no one drive away in the middle of the night so you stay nearby, or on site with us until Sunday morning.

Several national chain hotels are available in Farmington, 18 minutes from the training site.

The classroom will be converted to an un-improved indoor sleeping area, with heat. There is a bare concrete floor, so bring a sleeping pad and/or cot to sleep on.

There is room outside for those who wish to set up a tent, or for anyone who wants to sleep in their car or a camper. There are few large flat areas, no RV hookups, and no dumping is allowed, but you may bring an RV to sleep in if you wish.

Course Plan and Schedule

Registration Closed

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