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CWG has a small number of spare sensors that we my issue out, for free, at our discretion, to participants at our events. We will either do this for training purposes, so everyone gets experience, or to balance out the event, and to encourage everyone to operate 24x7. It also means you cannot use knowledge you may have of how the opposition is equipped; sometimes we help them!

We can also loan or rent these for non-CWG events, on a limited basis and also at our discretion. If permitted, prices are provided below as deposit / final payment once returned in good order, and assume no longer than two nights (three days) of use.


"Night Observation Device" but the meaning is "night vision you mount on your head, or helmet, and can walk around with. At this time, all are monoculars, which we suggest you mount to the strong eye for passive aiming, but all can be flipped to mount the other way, or for left-handers, as well.

Items are listed as shown in the photo, left to right:


The aviation grade tube from an ENVIS 704E in a single AA battery VYPER housing, so it is essentially a high-spec PVS-14 from a generation or two ago. The j-arm is a dovetail and a corresponding lightweight mount is provided with it. Note that aviation tubes have a notch filter so do not see NVIS Green very well. Green lights and strobe can be used without blinding the NOD.

MiNi 14

Also sold as the MUM-14 and a few others. A more waterproof and lighter than the PVS-14, very bright but no gain adjustment. May be provided with an objective aperture control to help with this. Has a unique arm that is provided.


Labeled usually as the Varo Nite Eye. Slightly heavy aluminum case, competed for what would become the PVS-14. Gen 2 tube, but a very good one with good optics so entirely usable even today. This one is a former IDF unit but a number were used by the Navy. All were issued as pocketscopes but this has a permanently fitted arm, and matching mount to remove wobble.


Plastic case, accepts 2xAAA batteries, with C-mount with an adjustable aperture. Unguarded IR illuminator, and Gen 3 but fairly low resolution and not the best focus control but still better than the worst currently issued PVS-14s in the Army. Even if you have great natural night vision, it helps in very dark conditions if you are at all patient, and lets you see IR for strobes, enemy action, laser pointers (even if not yours) etc. so is still very helpful in the dark or a team setting. This is also an aviation tube, so has a notch fitter for NVIS Green.

All are provided with mounts, all of which are horn-style except as indicated, but we only have a limited number of helmets or head mounts so reserve them, or bring your own way to wear it please.

Special Mission Equipment

In addition to these NODs, we also have other equipment such as:

Both of these have tripods as well. These are more fragile and hard to use so in the unlikely event they are rented will command higher prices for the increased risk and value, which will be set based on the exact usage and timeframe.


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