Central War Gaming - Operation Swift Fox 16

Operation Swift Fox 16

1-3 April 2016
D-Day Adventure Park Oklahoma


Pick your side and prepare for the fight

Operation Swift Fox 16 is the Spring offensive between Ardea and the Republic of Kitoy over the decades-long fight for control of the Central Grafsten Highlands. You will be deployed as part of a unit of light infantry to find, fix and destroy (or displace) enemy forces in your area of operations.

This event will run for 56 hours, continuously. Day and night, all weather. Make sure you are prepared for that.

Decide if you are Ardean or Kitoi, read the equipment lists, and make your plans:

The Details

Read the rules and make sure you can meet the equipment needs for the side you pick before you sign up.

What We Provide

CWG and all our staff will provide a safe, dedicated site for the event, and will enforce structure and attempt to foster an environment of mutual respect for honorable, active gaming. We will provide certain logistics including BBs, the casualty collection point, signage, and water. CWG works closely with the field owners to arrange the event in the most useful and enjoyable way, to take advantage of terrain, structures, and equipment available.

We will collaborate with your command staff and squad leaders to assure they have no impediments to lead you well. We will be available to clarify rules or equipment needs, both before and during the event, with regular updates and easy ways to contact us.

CWG staff will assign you to a squad, and will provide support to your squad leader to assist in leading and planning. We will help with coordinating your equipment, battle drills and any training through your chain of command.

Training events may be available for those who can travel to them, for a small additional fee. You should be informed through your chain of command, on this page, and through the blog and social media when those occur.

What You Bring

You are motivated, punctual and are physically ready for three days of activity in any weather and terrain. You have the proper equipment, whether for Ardea or Kitoy, understand and will abide by all the rules, and promise to play the game as intended and not to try to find loopholes. You will demonstrate respect for fellow soldiers, the enemy, the staff and your chain of command, following all instructions and carrying out all orders without (too much) complaint.

You will monitor and respond to your provided contact methods, or designated alternates, to assure you receive changes in rules or equipment, and to allow your chain of command to coordinate with you. The event starts as soon as you sign up, not when you enter the field, so you are expected to work with your squad leader and follow their instructions and decisions as soon as assigned to a squad.

If you must start late, make us aware of that as soon as possible so you can be assigned to a reinforcement squad instead. Please plan carefully so we do not have to change squad assignments at the last minute. Your original squad may end up under-strength instead of getting a replacement.

The following equipment is required for attending Swift Fox 16. Conditional equipment is required for some individuals depending on your job, or has rules about what is allowed if you choose to bring that equipment. There is also Recommended equipment which may help you be more comfortable and effective in the field.

Required Equipment

Has Functional Sights

Conditional Equipment

Register Today

Space is limited so pick your side and register today.

Sign up for Ardea:

Sign up for Kitoy:

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Gift payments are available also.

You will be invoiced for the remainder of your payment at a later date. The total must be paid before the end of February, 2016.

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