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4th Expeditionary Protective Area Brigade (EPAB-4)

A set of composite paramilitary units under a unified command were formed after serious Ardean gains in the 1953 campaign season. Intended to be temporary, instead additional Brigades have been added over time.

By the late 1980s, the size of these units and their scope of control had expanded to the three Western provinces. Overly-aggressive pursuit of a very small terrorist network led to abuses including torture, mass incarceration, and government sanctioned assasination. In 1997 a Truth and Reconciliation Commission began it's work, and resulted in changes to the Kitoi National Police, Justice Adminstration, and the Army.

EPAB-4 is one of several Brigades, now fully integrated into the Army's command, control and logistics structure. The Brigade operates only in the disputed Grafsten Highlands region, usually deploying about half the unit operationally, with the rest in training or held in reserve.

The Brigade is organized into Companies with individual roles. The 7th Company is designated "Light" meaning light infantry, and specializes in hilly or mountainous terrain where mechanised forces are less effective. It has few organic vehicles, and no heavy weapons that cannot be manpacked.

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