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23rd Frontier Dragoon Guards (Plamenac Brigade)

The 23rd Frontier Dragoon Regiment dates back to the founding of the republic, and were originally a cavalary unit, tasked with stopping smugglers and generally enforcing the borders in the far-flung mountain jungles.

When the Talutum War began, the unit was reformed and strengthened, and deployed as a conventional cavalry unit. It saw periodic action for much of the decade, but in 1827, became cut off while covering a retreat from the village of Plamenac (in what is now Chingura District) and defended themselves for over a week despite being badly outnumbered. Among the legends of this battle are that they repurposed a centuries-old bronze cannon displayed in front of the city hall as actual – and effective – artillery. This is represented on their insignia and shoulder patch.

In the late 1920s the unit was reformed into a mechanised unit, riding into battle on Ford trucks, and renamed the 23rd Mechanised Infantry. In 1954 the unit was declared redundant and disbanded but in the late 1970s, the Army acquired a few surplus US helicopters. Despite far too few to make a heliborne cavalry unit, the 23d was re-created as a light infantry unit intended to be resupplied and shuttled in small formations by helicopter and modern light trucks.

The Regiment calls itself cavalry despite not having enough transport for this, and practices air assault when they can borrow helicopters but rarely uses that operationally. Soldiers are called Dragoons and the unit is organized into 3 Squadrons. Due to the tactics available, and the relative difficulty of moving heavy formations in the Central Grafsten Highlands, they are regularly deployed there, but it is not a permanent assignment.

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