Purchase Uniforms and Logo Wear

Purchase Uniforms and Logo Wear


Looking for more to buy? Check out the purchase index for a list all our categories. Check back occasionally as we add more.

Not all items are immediately available. You can buy CWG logo shirts now, and many unit shirts are in stock, but not all sizes of all of them. If you need one, feel free to ask for availability before ordering.

Free shipping within the US for the unit tees. We're happy to send them out as a group, or to hold onto them and bring anything to the event for you as well.


Kitoy EPAB-4 Short Sleeve Base Layer

Agusta Active #790 wicking tee in OD green. This is the standard style for all the ExProA Brigades, but is not issued, so you have to buy it instead. Write your last name in Sharpie on the box below the three stars. You may not wear cotton as a base layer at CWG events, so this is an excellent wicking shirt for that, as well as showing pride in your Brigade.

Bonus feature: A CWG logo just below the back of the neck is printed in glow-in-the-dark ink!


Buy CWG Clothing

Wear your warrior wolf to work, school, the store or the gym. Most of these are cotton, but the performance tee is suitable as a base layer in the field, as well. See the items above for uniform gear designed specifically for field use.

Note: Other shirt colors are available, so if you want black or purple or pink, just pick that after you click one below.

Register for Events

Want to purchase entry to an event? Visit the events page, select your event and make sure you understand the fee schedule, times, rules and equipment needs first.

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