Central War Gaming - Fall '21 Fieldcraft Weekend

Fall '21 Fieldcraft Weekend

11 - 12 September 2021
Fieldcraft STX & Work Day
Farmington, Missouri


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Train like you fight

You've taken classes, practiced, and know how to shoot, move, and communicate, but how much chance do you have to put it all together, and try it out in a team setting?

Keep your skills sharp – or specifically prepare for force-on-force, re-enactment, team training, or other field events – by attending our short fieldcraft weekend. Starts mid day Saturday, and ends as early as the next morning, giving you 18 hours of tactical movement, bivouacking, communications, observation, and concealment. Sunday will be day of AARs, a chance to fix your gear and get familiarity with other CWG equipment and procedures.

Training objectives include:

Events are planned for both Saturday and Sunday, but the field exercise portion runs from late morning Saturday to about dawn on Sunday. Plan to spend the night outdoors, regardless of weather, and work as a team. Bring all the field equipment you need to perform these tasks.

As always, if you wish to bring something not discussed, or have other questions, ask on the CWG Facebook page, or just contact us to work out details.

Force on force events will restart in the Spring with Operation Swift Fox 22.

Event Logistics

Payment, Terms

What to Bring

Read the rules and make sure you can meet the equipment requirements and expectations set forth above for the side you pick before you sign up.

This is not a force on force event, so there will be no uniform requirements, or rules for engagement and play. However, it is a field exercise, so you will be expected to bring proper clothing, footwear, sleep system, food and water, and other items to be comfortable during the entire event without outside assistance or burdening your team.

For a guide as to the type of equipment to bring, you may wish to review the equipment requirements for CWG force-on-force events.

You should bring a weapon system to carry, as movement and actions are very different with a rifle in hand. This may be a dummy, airsoft, or live weapons but absolutely no ammunition will be allowed on the field, and all weapons must have muzzle caps (airsoft) or BFAs (live weapons), or other special arrangements to assure and mark they are safe. Handguns or proxies for handguns of any sort will not be permitted during the STX portion.

For Saturday, you will be expected to feed yourself. Bring lunch or have eaten it and bring a meal to eat in the field for dinner. Remember to bring spare nutritious snacks as you will be up late enough that toughing it out or candy won't make it. You are also encouraged to coordinate with your team to create team meals, or share preparation items such as heat sources.

What We Will Provide

For the field exercise portion, some members of CWG will act as an OPFOR, guarding the key objective and posing as an HVTs to be observed and provide a threat to your training. We will not actively engage, even to yelling, illumination, or lasers, but will note when we see and may take photos. This will be used during the AAR to help judge effectiveness of your movement and concealment of positions.

If you wish to attend but have an injury, health problem, or otherwise have specific concerns about your ability to perform the field mission, ask and we may be able to provide a lower-intensity OPFOR position as well.

CWG will provide water, climate-controlled shelter for use in the event of especially inclement weather or for those ill-prepared for the conditions, vehicle transport on field, and emergency transport and supplies in the event of injury during the event. In addition we will enforce accountability and safety such as inspection abd securing of your equipment and weapon systems.

Work Day

Following the AAR with included continental breakfast, will be a work day. While not required, it is suggested as it is not just to get labor, but has benefits for you as well. Work will be in two parts:

There is no specific end time. You can leave on your schedule to assure you get home on time. If your schedule works best to leave Monday morning, a climate-controlled building will be provided for a limited number; Monday is a work day so there will be no other events and you are on your own recognizance to depart the field without excessively disturbing the property owners.

Sign up today

Only $25, before August 21st

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